When God Gave Us Words



There are long words and short words, nice words and mean words.
There are silly words, scary words, and hard-to-spell words.
There are so many words in our world! But where did they all come from?
Award-winning children’s book author Sandy Eisenberg Sasso tells a creative tale about the origin of words, and the power of language, in When God Gave Us Words. Inside this innovative children’s book, God gives the power of words to humankind. At first God and the angels are pleased with how people use words, but over time they start to use words to make curses, lies, and threats. The angels beg God to take back the gift of language, and just as God is about to take it back, new beautiful words begin to fill the air.

When God Gave Us Words features imaginative illustrations by Darcy Day Zoells and is ideal for children ages 3-8.

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