S. W. A. G. 4 Pt Series (Download)


Men! Have you lost your S.W.A.G? Did you ever have it? Allow Bishop David G. Evans to teach you how to get your S.W.A.G. back!

In this 4 part series, Bishop Evans shows you how the enemy brings a problem to hide your ability while God brings a problem to reveal your ability!

Brothers! Did you know an antelope can out run a lion for distance? There is only a brief amount of seconds in which the lion has enough speed to catch the antelope.  Because the lion does not have enough endurance to run as long as the antelope the lion has to cause the antelope to freeze. How he does that is….he ROARS!

That’s what happens when you get intimidated…your natural ability to overcome the attack vanishes because you freeze.  You lose your S.W.A.G!

The anointing is there to help us react in adverse situations.  The only thing that can stop the anointing is you! Don’t let the enemy punk you!

The enemy is seeking people whom he may devour because there are some that he can’t.  Bishop David G Evans will show you how to get your S.W.A.G. back and remove yourself from the enemy’s list.  Start by praying, praising God and giving Him glory! That’s what S.W.A.G. is all about!

Become the SANCTIFIED WORSHIPPER ANOINTED for GREATNESS God intended you to be!


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